The Charlotte Harbor Estuary

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  In general, Florida’s coastal mangrove estuaries are a natural wonder. They are a fragile alchemy of river and sea that cannot be found anywhere else in the Continental United States.

  Charlotte Harbor however, is a particularly rich estuary, due to the fact that it benefits from very heavy concentrations of both fresh and saltwater. The harbor is fed from the east by not one, but two large rivers (the Peace, and Myakka) and receives massive amounts of Gulf water provided by multiple inlets (called “Passes locally) to the West.

  Uninhabited mangrove islands beset the harbor’s perimeter. These “small” islands create a labyrinth of bays, channels, tidal creeks, and grass flats; which generate a veritable paradise for a tremendous number of species ranging from: Crustaceans, Mollusks, and baitfish, to wading birds and a host of others, including of course – Gamefish!

  The aforementioned “Multiple Passes” is the key to the prolific sight fishing opportunities for the game fish of Charlotte Harbor. Simply stated: More is better! More fresh water means more nutrients which feed the ecosystem, and more saltwater brings additional nutrients, controls the natural balance of bacteria, and helps keep the water clear.

  In summation, Charlotte Harbor posses hundreds of square miles of prime shallow water gamefish habitat; across which flows copious amounts clear, nutrient-rich waters. This habitat feeds vast numbers of baitfish, mollusks, and crustaceans; which in turn, are fed upon by a prolific populous of Snook, Tarpon, and Redfish – A particularly rich estuary indeed!

  It would be my sincerest pleasure to assist you in experiencing the spectacular sight fishing this watershed has to offer.





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